Providing the Metal Stamping Industry with Wire Products

metal stampingLake Michigan Wire collaborates with companies in many different economic sectors, including metal stamping. We have become an important component-part supplier to the metal stamping industry by developing partnerships where our wire capabilities are married with metal stampers to provide finished products to market. We have worked with companies from local Midwest markets from Michigan and Chicago to elsewhere in the United States, and across the world, with great results.

Wire Forms Created to Specification for Metal Stamping Manufacturers

The U.S. metal stamping industry provides an enormous variety of metal products made from sheet metal to American manufacturers. These products are frequently incorporated into larger products that will become the cars, appliances, and equipment that we see and use everyday. Often stampers will require wire forms like pins and rods to finish products made for their customers in the following industries: aerospace, agriculture, automotive, electronics, furniture, HVAC, medical, the military, and more. 

We provide these metal stampers with cost-effective chamfered hinge rods, both coated and uncoated up to 36 inches in length. We supply multiple platforms with semi-finished wire forms. Our customers will either assemble or finish processing these wire forms to their own customers’ specifications, therefore adding value to their operations without further investment in their own capital equipment. This saves them both time and money. 

Does your stamping company need wire forms? We can give you a no-obligation quote if you send a print, sample, sketch, or idea to us. We have helped many companies design wire products that meet their needs and their specifications while keeping costs affordable. We can fill large-volume orders or short runs. We can form, assemble, and package your parts according to your requirements for a competitive price. 

If you are a business looking for a high quality, wire forming company in the Great Lakes area, Lake Michigan Wire wants to be your choice. We love working with local Michigan stampers and stampers from all over the world. Our commitment to customer service and on-time delivery are unmatched. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.