Fabricated Wire Products for the Automotive Industry

Located in Michigan, it’s only natural that Lake Michigan Wire provides fabricated wire products for automotive companies and the larger automotive industry. We design, manufacture, and finish a wide variety of high quality wire products that meet our customers’ budgetary and technical requirements. 

Wire Products for the Automotive Industry

Below are some of the wire products we have produced for companies within the automotive industry:

  • automotive industry

    Hinge rods

  • Hood strikers
  • Door strikers
  • Retractor belt wires
  • Seat belt guide loops
  • Iso-Fix wires
  • Door pins
  • Visor rods
  • Child restraint wires
  • Handle pins
  • Chain brackets
  • Pivot pins


Two Automotive Applications Case Studies 

Two case studies illustrate how Lake Michigan Wire has worked with companies that needed specific wire products in order to manufacture automotive parts and, ultimately, the cars we see every day on the road in the United States.

Hood Latch Striker Design

We worked with one automotive customer who was looking for a hood latch striker to replace their existing assembly. The company needed a product that would withstand OEM requirements for additional strength. Lake Michigan Wire came up with a concept where the striker form could be manufactured in high volumes using an alternative geometry and material. This allowed the customer to discontinue their secondary assembly operation and increased efficiencies in production for the company. We saved this customer both time and money with the improved  striker assembly design. 

Seat Belt Assembly Safety 

Lake Michigan Wire partnered with a metal stamping company to form, weld, and press a guide loop mechanically at a high volume. The metal stamper’s automotive Safety OEM client was looking to improve the strength of a seat belt assembly in order to meet government safety requirements

Because of the work we did, our metal stamping partner was then able to wrap and stake a bracket, providing their end user with an assembly that withstood strength requirements four times better than safety regulations required. Meeting and exceeding safety standards is a win-win for all three companies and all drivers on the road. 

If your company is part of the automotive industry and needs fabricated wire products or assistance in improving either your production processes or end products, Lake Michigan Wire wants to work with you to make your goals a reality. Call us today at 616-786-9200 to discuss your specific requirements.