Wire Straightening and Cutting

Straightening and Cutting WireLake Michigan Wire produces straightened and cut wire from coils using special machinery which straightens the wire and cuts it to specific lengths. When you need wire straightening and cutting, we are here to help.  

Our Process for Wire Straightening and Cutting

The straightening and cutting-to-length process begins with wire on coil, carriers, reels or spools. This wire is rotary straightened and cut to the specific length, guaranteeing both diameter and specific length tolerances. All straightened and cut parts are contained prior to packaging and checked for straightness, length, burrs, and surface condition.

Our process of rotary straightening is far superior to single-plane or double-plane straightening where the wire is pulled through a sequence of rollers. Rotary straightening and cutting of wire can produce straight lengths up to 144” with a consistency not found by using alternative means of straightening. Our standard cutoff has minimum burrs which eliminates the need for secondary operations where fit and function are critical.

Lake Michigan Wire can provide straightening and cutting of wire in volumes ranging from small orders of 100 pieces to very large orders of 100,000 pieces. Our straightening and cutting capabilities range from .032” – .500” in diameter with cut to lengths up to 144”. We straighten and cut both your wire and our own stock in all tempers and finishes.

Our program includes precision straightening and cutting material to exact length for use as is, or as semi-finished product for fabrication. We can package to your specific needs, and we offer inventory control measures to improve your efficiencies and optimize your profits. 

Lake Michigan Wire is your source for straightening and cutting of wire. Our turnaround time for wire is the best in the industry. If your company is on a tight timeline, let us straighten and cut your material for you to reduce your production time. Our services are extensive, and our quality is unsurpassed. 

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