Knurled Pins and Rods

examples of knurled pinsLake Michigan Wire can provide you with precision straight pins and rods produced to your exacting specifications. Utilizing proven manufacturing equipment and statistically controlled processes, we can supply any quantity of pins and rods when you need them. Our cold forming technology has been proven to be more cost effective and dimensionally sound than industry screw machines.

We offer the following component parts: 

Straight Pins – This type of pin is available with or without a head and is distinguished from other types of pins by its uniformity, making for more reliable installation with automatic assembly equipment. Straight pins remain in place by compressing the host, not the pin. 

Knurled Pins – Our cold forming process knurled pins are available in the following patterns:

  • Straight knurl
  • Diamond knurl
  • Helical knurl

Knurling is produced by rolling a patterned die across the surface of the pin, leaving a series of V-shaped impressions. This type of component is used as a pivot or hinge pin in applications where parts must lock together in unit assemblies. The knurl pattern is designed to cut into the host material, creating the greater friction necessary to remain in position. 

Lake Michigan Wire can work with you to create knurled pins according to your specifications for material grade, tensile selection, and knurl pattern. 

Specials – Lake Michigan Wire cold forming is not limited to knurls. We offer:

  • Radial grooves
  • Chamfers
  • Fetters/barbs
  • Combination of multiple profiles on same shaft 

The diameter range we can produce for the above types of pins and rods is .072’ to .315’ with lengths from 1” to 36”. All are available in 300 and 400 stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum alloys. We also provide secondary services such as heat treating, plating, and coating.

Whether you require knurled hinge pins for a dashboard assembly, chamfered rods for an automobile seat assembly, threaded rods for an R/C model airplane, or plain, straight cutoff pins for securing a plastic hinge, stock your inventory with the best component parts available from Lake Michigan Wire. We are here to help you reduce and manage your inventory by supplying the pins and rods you require quickly and in quantity. Contact us today for more specific details on the parts we can produce for your need.