Wire Products for the Farm & Garden Industry

farm & garden

Farmers, gardeners, and greenhouse managers rely on Lake Michigan Wire’s products for cut wire, wire forms, and welded assemblies. The wire products we produce provide a variety of solutions for companies in the agricultural sector. We are located in the agriculturally rich West Michigan area, so we understand the needs of our farm & garden customers. 

The Farm & Garden Industry

Wire is a material with many useful applications in agriculture. It can be used for different types of fencing to deter pests, for supports for young or climbing plants, for hoop supports, as well as hanger wire. We can design and manufacture garden supports in different shapes and sizes to meet our customers’ specific needs. 

Hooks are another wire product that are used by nurseries and garden centers for hanging baskets, bird feeders, and decorative objects. We can produce hooks in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

A Farm & Garden Case Study

Here is a case study that illustrates how we approach problem solving with a focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations: 

A supplier of professional growers approached Lake Michigan Wire with an idea of distributing bundles of wire used in early grow-season covering. We were able to not only straighten and cut the material to multiple lengths, but package these lengths in customer specific quantities, label, and crate them directly from the machine. This provided our customer with significant cost savings since there did not have to be an offline packaging stage and the customer could ship directly from stock.

If your agricultural company, farm, or garden center has a need for wire products, please contact Lake Michigan Wire to see what we can do for you. We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ budgetary, technical, and aesthetic needs and producing quality wire products that will last over time.