Pins and Wire Products for Office Furniture Manufacturers

office furnitureToday there are many highly regarded office furniture companies in the West Michigan area as well as elsewhere in the nation, and Lake Michigan Wire is pleased to be able to offer them the wire products they need to finish the desks, chairs, and office partitions they manufacture.

A Furniture City Legacy

The West Michigan area has been known as a producer of quality furniture since the 19th century. Timber felled in northern Michigan was floated down the Grand River to Grand Rapids where companies sprang up to process it. The logs were milled in the city and then shipped across the country via the Great Lakes. After a furniture exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876, Grand Rapids was nicknamed Furniture City and became recognized worldwide as a leader in producing fine furniture for the domestic and commercial markets.

This market expanded into office furniture in the early 20th century, often substituting metal and plastic in place of wood resources as the modern office changed its appearance and function.

Wire Parts for Office Furniture

A wide variety of office furniture makes corporate work possible. In addition to typical desks and chairs, there are conference tables and chairs, executive desks and chairs, file storage units, and cubicles. These often rely on wire products like rods and pins to function. Wire products used in office furniture include: 

  • Bail wires
  • Hinge rods
  • Dowels
  • Locating pins
  • Pivot pins
  • Handle pins
  • Rod mechanisms
  • Lock inserts
  • Up/down mechanisms

An Office Furniture Case Study 

Because of our unique ability to apply multiple processes, we were chosen by a major furniture manufacturer to complete a specific office furniture component. We were able to straighten and cut wire to length, roll a profile, coat, swedge, and finish plate that part at a cost less than 50% of what our competition quoted. 

Lake Michigan Wire is happy to work with office furniture manufacturers to design and produce custom wire products for any need. If your company makes office furniture and you are looking to partner with a wire manufacturer with a reputation for quality, flexibility, and affordability, Lake Michigan Wire wants to be your supplier. We are proud to be a small part of the West Michigan tradition of furniture, and look forward to working with you.