Wire Products for the Medical Equipment Industry

medical equipmentThe medical equipment industry has seen great growth and many challenges over the past decades as the boundaries of medical care have expanded. This industry is vital to both the American economy and the health of Americans as well. Lake Michigan Wire is proud to provide high-quality wire products to medical equipment manufacturers both in the United States and around the world. 

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Requirements

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality wire product to all of our customers, but medical equipment has its own specifications and requirements. Different types of wire commonly used in medical manufacturing include round, flat, core, braided, and staple wire. Many products require wire components that are bendable, flexible, and tough. The wire must perform consistently over time even with heavy usage.

Medical equipment must also withstand sterilization, often repeated sterilization. Various sterilization methods involve exposing it to high temperatures, water, steam, or harsh chemicals. These products must have smooth surfaces and be constructed from appropriate materials, such as stainless steel, so they are simple to clean. Any welding must also be durable and smooth, lasting over time. 

Medical Wire Applications 

Many medical devices require wire products to operate, including equipment that’s been used to help fight COVID-19, such as ventilators. Medical wire is used for neural probes, implants, staples, spring guides, pacemaker leads, instruments, needles, catheters, and much more. 

We work with our customers to provide any wire solutions they need, both now and as their needs evolve and change. We will produce wire to your specifications. Our straightening and cutting capabilities range from .032” – .500” in diameter with cut to lengths up to 144”. We can provide straightening and cutting of wire in volumes ranging from small orders of 100 pieces to very large orders of 100,000 pieces. 

If you are unsure which type of wire product would work best for your project, we would be happy to help you select the proper one. For more information about our wire capabilities for medical equipment, contact us today.