Wire Products for the Electrical Industry

electrical industryWhen you think of electrical products, you think of wire. Wire products are what makes the conduction of electricity – and all of the things that electricity can do – possible. Lake Michigan Wire works with manufacturers within the electrical industry to supply them with straightened and cut wire, wire forms, and the other wire products they need. 

Electrical Applications for Wire Products

Electrical products all require wire. Some examples of common electrical applications are: motors, batteries, fuses, diodes, connectors, probes, switches, transistors, and many more. Any manufacturer within the electrical industry needs the aforementioned products to make their electronics and other electrical goods. If you need straightened and cut wire for your electrical application, Lake Michigan Wire can supply it. We can help reduce your production time by cutting and straightening either the wire you already have or wire we manufacture for you. 

We can also help supply rods and wire forms. Light fixture wires are wire forms, as are computer brace components and headsets. Any product or piece of equipment that requires support might make use of these forms. Wire forms are also used as clips and holders designed to maintain a device in place. Antennas are wire forms as well.

We work with our client companies to meet their specific needs, whether that is a simple wire form or a complex one, a straight or knurled pin, or wire cut to specification. We can deliver your products on time and at a competitive price. Our wire products are high quality and made to last over time. Call us if you have any questions about which wire product would be best for your electrical project.