Metal Fasteners for the Plastic Injection/Insert Molding Industry

Lake Michigan Wire works closely with businesses across the U.S. Midwest, including manufacturers in the West Michigan and Chicago areas. We provide companies in the plastic injection/insert molding industry with the pins, straightened and cut wire, and other fabricated wire products they need to produce their goods.  

Metal Fasteners for Plastic Injection Processes

plastic injection moldingThe consumer products market manufactures a large variety of products using a plastic injection molding process. This is because plastic injection/insert molding is both economical and suited for high-volume production. Part of the manufacturing process very often requires that plastic parts be assembled together using metal fasteners. 

Plastic parts will often be molded with strong, permanent plastic threads that can then be fastened once or fastened and taken apart multiple times. These assemblies can utilize bolts, screws, pins, or other types of fasteners. Pins are, generally speaking, the most economical type of fastener. They need simple component designs and can be installed quickly and simply. We work with our customers to provide the highest quality fasteners for the need at a reasonable cost. 

A Plastic Injection Case Study

Lake Michigan Wire developed a cold-forming process for the manufacturing of pins used in plastic assembly. Our customer was looking for a high-volume, cost-effective fastener made from stainless material. We were able to engineer a pin with multiple characteristics that was manufactured from stainless steel. Our process resulted in a production rate of 4,000 pieces per hour which in turn saved the customer thousands of dollars.

If your manufacturing company is looking for metal fasteners for products made using plastic injection, including knurled pins and rods and wire forming and assemblies, please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your exact needs and work with you to develop the best, most cost-effective solution.