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General Information

Lake Michigan Wire is a specialty division of: Agritek Ind., Inc.
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Lake Michigan Wire, LLC
4211 Hallacy Dr..
Holland, Michigan 49424

Office Phone: 616.786.9200 x135
Fax: 616.786.9390

Office: 8am-4pm M-F
Receiving: 8am-4:30pm M-F

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  • Lake MIchigan Wire, LLC Lake Michigan Wire, LLC
  • Rolling, threading, Chamfering Rolling, Threading, Chamfering
  • Special End Treatments Specialized End Treatments
  • Wire Bending & Forming Wire Bending & Forming
  • Straighten and Cut Wire Straighten & Cut Wire

Rods & Pins

Utilizing proven manufacturing equipment and statistically controlled processes, Lake Michigan Wire, LLC is able to provide you with precision straight pins and rods produced to your exacting specifications.

Whether you require knurled hinge pins for a dashboard assembly, chamfered rods for an automobile seat assembly, threaded rods for an R/C model airplane, or plain, straight cutoff pins for securing a plastic hinge, you can be assured that Lake Michigan Wire, LLC will produce the best component parts available.

End Treatments Include:
- Thread Rolling(UNC, UNF, Metric)
- Grooves
- Chamfering
- Radiusing
- Knurling (Straight, Diamond)
- Annular Rings
- Swedge/Pierce
- Special Form Rolling

Size& Tolerance Specifications::
- Diameters: .010" - .500"
- Lengths: 1" - 150"
- Accurate lengths to your specifications.
- Tolerances dependent on material diameter and length.
- Finishes and plating available, please inquire.

- Carbon Steel -- Low carbon to High carbon
- Stainless Steel -- Annealed to Spring Temper
- SPlated Wire -- Low carbon to High carbon
- Alloy wire Non-Ferrous -- Brass, Copper, Aluminum, etc.
Click HERE to download our Rods and Pins brochure

At Lake Michigan Wire, LLC we understand that the quality of your end products depends on the quality of the component parts we supply for you plus we have the experienced team that can see to it that your needs are met.

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